Dr. Shailesh Yagnik (Tel. Ext. No. 167) []
Library & Information Service Head

Responsible for the overall functioning of the KEIC.

Dr. Niraj Patel (Tel. Ext. No. 168) []
Deputy Librarian

Individuals responsible for Procurement of Recommended Books and Bulk Books, Maintenance of Books Database, Maintenance of the Internet/Intranet webpage (KEIConlin) of the KEIC, Maintenance of the Dissertations/Summer Reports Database and ETD website database, Winisis, GENisis and Koha software ILL on Books from Delnet and Other library. KEIC Survey and Knowledge Hunt.

 Individuals responsible for Management resources, namely Periodicals, Databases and Memberships, IIL and digital document delivery of articles, Maintenance of MICA News Database, Case Studies support, Faculty publications, MICA archive, Turnitin, Greenstone Software and Koha (open source).

Mr. Ashok Chauhan (Tel. Ext. No. 170) []
Executive - Library

Individuals responsible for attending the Daily User Interface Counter for Issue of Books, Maintenance of Circulation Database, Maintenance of Serial Database of Periodicals, Maintenance of Stacks and taking Annual Inventories, Indexing of Case Study and TV Commercial Database, Print ad Database, Non Book materials Database.

Apart from the above mentioned individual responsibilities, all the KEIC staff are jointly responsible for attending to the users as well managing the Daily User Interface counter.

Mr. Bhikhabhai Chauhan (Tel. Ext. No. 170) []
Library Professional

Solely responsible for managing the KEIC during the nights, Cataloging and Classification, MICA in News, Old print ads, Managing the Daily user Interface Counter for Issue of Books during the night and helping users.

Mr. V. Sanjay Kumar Pillai (Tel. Ext. No. 169) []
Library Professional

Mr. Anil Chauhan (Tel. Ext. No. 170)

Assisting in all above activities

Mr. Shubham Bhatt (Tel. Ext. No. 170)

Assisting in all above activities.