Information Services
СНПЧ А7 Омск, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

Product Information
Information on brand performance, advertising strategy, advertising campaign etc of a specific product from newspapers and magazines is provided. This information also includes market share/size and information about the competitors. Photocopies of printed advertisements and a list of TV commercials are also provided. The list of TV commercials also gives information about the brand, advertiser, advertising agency, title of the advertisement, producer and product. For the MICA KEIC list on the various products/ services/ brand categories and clients click here. For more information, please contact the KEIC.

The bibliographical database from April 1994 onwards is available for sale. It is supported by full text hard bound/soft copy viz Monthly Briefing Service. On subscription monthly backup of the new records added and hardbound copy will be sent to a subscriber.

The newspapers covered are:

01. Business Line (New Delhi Edition)
02. Business Standard (Ahmedabad Edition)
03. Daily News Analysis (DNA), (Mumbai Edition)
04. DNA Money (Ahmedabad Edition)
05. The Economic Times (Ahmedabad Edition)
06. The Financial Express (Ahmedabad Edition)
07. Financial Times (UK Edition)
08. The Hindu (Chennai Edition)
09. The Hindustan Times (New Delhi Edition)
10. The Indian Express (Ahmedabad Edition)
11. Mint (New Delhi Edition)
12. The Pioneer (New Delhi Edition)
13. The Telegraph (Kolkata Edition)
14. The Times of India (Ahmedabad Edition)
15. The Times of India (Mumbai Edition)

Information Power Brand
All information about a product or industry appearing in the media and journals are collected every month for a client. The information docket is delivered before 5th of every calendar month. This service is useful to advertisers, ad agencies, and market research firms. Typically, the service is extended for a bouquet of five or ten products. The product mix can be changed as long as the number of products for which information is sought does not exceed the stipulated number. The KEIC has already worked on more than 130 different product categories and tracking more than 250 product categories.

Monthly Update Service
Monthly Update Service: On request library provides monthly compilation on a given topic every month between 1-5th.

Artcle Alerts
Article Alert is an electronic bulletin service available on Marketing, Advertising and Media drawn from 152 publications. This helps brand managers, media buyers, marketing researchers, advertisers, marketers, decision-makers, etc.

Creative Services
Creative Service: Print ad and TV commercial are available on request from the library.